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Cartier Jewelry Replica — the Emperor’s Jeweler, but There Is Not Its Day at Present Part I.

The Cartier jewelry replica, which has the reputation of “the Emperor’s Jeweler and the Jeweler’s Emperor”, is now going through some difficulties. Because Cartier’s performance in the world jewelry market, has been declining year after year, and has even dragged down the parent company Richemont Group, the latter had to exchange blood and cut jobs for Cartier…

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The Family History of Cartier and Cartier Jewelry Replica — from the Son of the Gunpowder Merchant, to the Emperor of the Jewelry Industry Part I.

Who can think of that, today’s jewel emperor Cartier, the earliest business of it, is to sell arms? The father of Cartier’s founder, Louis François Cartier, made a living with a gunpowder. Later, in order to give his son a brighter future, he sent Louis to Paris to worship the famous jeweler Adolf Pirka. After then the legend of Cartier…

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