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Cartier Jewelry Replica — the Emperor’s Jeweler, but There Is Not Its Day at Present Part III.

[Classic and Touching Love Story] The Duke of Windsor (Edward King VIII of England) renounced the throne, and always kept company with Wallis Simpson, like birds flying and nestling together. This classic and touching love story, is the most authentic portrayal of “He relinquished the throne for the true love”. The Windsor Edward VIII couple also formed an indissoluble bond with Cartier jewelry replica. In October…

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The Family History of Cartier and Cartier Jewelry Replica — from the Son of the Gunpowder Merchant, to the Emperor of the Jewelry Industry Part II.

In the cooperation with the royal family, Cartier has a long and long history. King Edward VII of the United Kingdom once praised him as “the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor”, and in a series of cooperation, many amazing masterpieces of Cartier jewelry replica, were also produced. Let’s take a look at what are the royal…

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