The Story Behind Panthère de Cartier Replica: Love and Hate Between “Lady Panther” Jeanne Toussaint, and the Jewelry Empire of Cartier Part VII.

Main Body Part VII.

The “Lady Panther” of Cartier Part IV.

Anyway, the strength and talent of Jeanne Toussaint, is very obvious to everyone~~ In 1936, King Edward VIII, who had succeeded to the throne for less than a year, gave up the throne to become the Duke of Windsor, in order to marry Mrs. Simpson, a woman who had been divorced twice. At the same time, he found Cartier jewelry, to witness this extraordinary and incomparable love for them. As the Lady Panther of Cartier, Jeanne Toussaint worked hard to painstakingly create a series of jewels for the Windsor Edward VIII couple, such as the “Panther” brooch replica and the “BIB” necklace replica.

Panthère de Cartier Necklace Replica, in 18K White Gold Plated

Panthère de Cartier Necklace Replica, in 18K White Gold Plated

One of the most impressive and intriguing jewels, is the legendary “sapphire panther-shaped brooch”: it consists of a panther dotted with rhombus sapphire slices, and a glossy spherical sapphire weighing up to 152.35 carats. This giant sapphire, is as luxurious and domineering as a table tennis ball in size! Another movable panther-shaped bracelet, lying in the jewelry box, is like a panther resting on the grassland, with a beautiful posture and smooth lines. When picked up by people, this crouching panther is as vivid as life, the domineering arrogance and hidden power of the grassland beasts, is reflected in the most vivid. It is a peerless classic in the world!

To Be Continued

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